Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Coconut topping



Hi friends!
Bring on the pumpkin patch excursions! Bring on the falling leaves, bon fires galore, hot apple cider and cooler breezes. Bring on every single apple or pumpkin or maple syrup recipe you can find cuz baby, its fall! Ahh…can someone grab me a pumpkin spice latte!? Now I’m ready…Let’s do this! 
Duuude! It’s fall down at the beach! Time to say goodbye to the pelicans as they fly south for the winter. Enjoy the warmer weather boys, while we get ready for major wind and rain storms!!! Ha ha, and everything else that goes with the changing of the seasons. Like this lovely cold I have caught. Ahhhh, lovely it is indeed. Which is just one of the reasons why my husband and I missed going with the kids to the pumpkin patch this year. But check out these pictures from their trip, doesn’t it look like they had a blast!?! Aren’t they totally adorbs?!!?picmonkey-collage2

Anyways…. let’s talk about FOOD!!! How bout let’s talk about cake!  I love cake.  Do you love cake? Cake makes me happy.  No wait.  If you ask my children they will say Apple Pie makes me happy, but really, cake does too. And this Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Coconut Topping is simply amazing!  The cake is dense and moist and the super delicious coconut and pecan topping gets all broiled and crispy on top. I’m sorry all you healthy eaters.. this is a cake I feel comfortable eating for breakfast.  Wait, what?!? Cake for breakfast???? Hells to the ya bitches!  This delicious oatmeal cake topped with coconut and pecan mixture is perfect for anytime.
P.S. Just for the record….I’m not sure if every pelican is male. I doubt it or how else are baby pelicans born??? -just sayin’


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