Milo’s TPLO Story – or “Why we had to move into the garage”…

This is Milo

Hi friends!

October 18th – Tuesday afternoon, we got “The Call”. 

“There was an opening tomorrow – let’s get him in!”

“Ok”, we said.  We were ready!  But was Milo?

Let’s back up a bit, ok? Let me catch you up to date. 

My husband and I knew Milo was going to need surgery the second we heard the yelp, saw the tumble and then watched the limp. Oh holy crap! The X-rays confirmed it.  He tore his ACL.  So, we made the decision.  TPLO surgery, here we come.

Due to scheduling issues at our vet’s office, we had to wait 3 weeks (:( isn’t that soo sad?)  before we could get him in for surgery.  So that put his surgery date on October 24th.  We were over the moon excited when we got the call they could move his surgery up by 6 days! Yippee that we didn’t have to wait any longer!

During those 3 week waiting period, we slowly converted our 1 car garage into a little studio apartment for us to help in Milo’s recovery.  We live in a 5 story condo complex and felt the walk from our condo out to the elevator and downstairs was just too much for him right now.  We also knew that his mobility would need to be limited to almost nothing, as well as no stairs, which made it an easy decision for us to move down into the garage.  Would you do this for your favorite animal or are we just weird?

Milo acclimating himself to his new “recovery suite”
Milo at home, right after surgery.

Obviously since this is some big going on’s at our house, I will keep you updated.  If you want to know more about TPLO surgery, check out Lynnette Walczak over at She has written a GREAT article about her experience with her dog, Tenor, and his TPLO story, as well as other dog’s stories.

Until next time, have a great day everyone!



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